Sunday, November 28, 2010

Florentine fighting with mace and cutlass vs stick and knife

Here I am fighting on of our faster fighters using a mace and cutlass. I found that using two longer weapons was a challenge but not impossible. I would not use this with two handers. My footwork was not all that great but it was impossible for me to match this opponent's speed. I think it went well overall.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Naginata vs Glaive

A very rare fight of dueling polearms. The other fighter got nailed in the throat at 0.32 so I made sure he was alright before continuing. Working on building neck protection for the front.

Mace vs Stick

One of our fighters is using a foam mace from Calimacil which Ben refers to as getting
hit with a solid fist. If this had been a real mace it would have broken everything
it hit.

Falchion vs Cutlass

Here we have two of our fighters we told to cut loose and try to kill each other.
One of whom was new to the club and he did pretty good for someone with no
martial arts experience. I'm really impressed with Calimacil's weaponry.
I used a Djembe during this fight to help keep pace. Yes I know I still need practice.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weapons Upgrade

Recently we have realized that the more expensive Larp weapons from Calimacil were more durable than the martial arts padded sticks we were using so we put them to the test in combat. We were not dissapointed. Here we have one of our regular members fighting someone who had very little experience and was hesitant at first. But towards the end he really shined through. Great Job Greg!